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Implio is a tool that allows you to run your user generated content through a set of rules in order to automatically remove things that are against your rules and policies or escalate it for manual review. Implio has a manual moderation interface where moderators can handle the more complex content. 

The Basics

To get a good understanding of the terminology of Implio we recommend that you look through the key concepts list

Follow this up by browsing through the tour guides. They will give you an overview of each area of the tool and what you can accomplish there. 

Overview page tour

Rules View Tour

Create rules view tour

Lists View Tour

Create List View Tour

Manual Moderation View Tour

Getting started with Implio is easy 

  1. Create an account
  2. Create Your Lists or Utilize the premade ones that comes with the tool
  3. Create Your Rules or Utilize the premade ones that comes with the tool
  4. Integrate with our simple API

You should now have familiarized yourself with Implio, but if you get stuck you can always refer back to the other articles here in the knowledge base or contact us directly for help. 

Deciding on your Moderation Strategy

It is important to put some thought into it when you create your moderation strategy. Here are some articles that can help you set up your moderation process: 

How to chose between automated and manual moderation

How to decide between pre- and post-moderation

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