How to Create and Manage Lists

This article will teach you all you need to know about lists.


Managing lists

Go to the “Automation” menu and choose "Lists" to create a new list.

By default, this page will display all the lists that are currently available. These can easily be filtered by using the search box. Just start typing in the search box, and the table will automatically update itself and show only the lists matching the letters or words that you are searching for.

Every column is sortable and you can change the order of the lists displayed by clicking on any one of the column header.

Adding a list

Add a list by choosing "Add list" from the lists management view. This will redirect you to the creation page for lists.

Specify a name, description (optional but recommended) and the keywords, regular expression, or sentences for your list.

Editing a list

Press any list in the table to get redirected to a page where you can edit the list parameters.

Here you can edit the description, or add and remove keywords. To edit specific keywords in the list, delete the item that you want to change and create a new one in the format that you need.

It is not possible to edit the name field as that can be used by “rules”. If you still want to edit a name, you need first to verify that there isn't any rule that are using it, then delete the list and create a new one with the new name.

Deleting a list

You can delete lists from the list management view by clicking on the cross icon in the table next to the list that you want to delete.

Before deleting a list, ensure that it isn't used in any of the rules created.

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