How to Choose Between Automation and Manual Moderation?

Unsure of what type of content you should moderate manually? This article will give you some general guide lines to help you identify the content types that will benefit the most from a human touch.  

Whether to automate or apply manual moderation depends on your overall strategic goals, the type of content you are handling and the resources you have available. For a breakdown of different types of moderation and when to apply them you can check out 5 moderation methods you should know


Automation vs Manual Moderation 

At a very general level the choice is between Low cost, high speed and consistency vs ability to review at a higher abstraction level 

Start by breaking your content goals and issues down to challenges. This will also show you if you need to apply different methods to different parts of your content.  

The chart below illustrates different content challenge and the most cost-efficient and effective method to deal with themMany can be solved with either method, but we have marked the best choice.  


Challenge Comments/Examples Automation Manual
Time to site is key
This is often the case for time sensitive content like comments or ads with expiry dates

High riskcontent 
For examplecaseswhenyou risk a PRbacklash 

Identification/moderation cues are stable 
For instance if the cue to identifying unwanted content is always specific words

Identification cues areof low complexity
If for examplethe cue to identifying unwanted content iseasilyidetnifiedlike an IP or a certain price

Identification cues changeoften 
For instance comments about currentevents or trending topics(fx. Elections,terror attacksetc.)

Identification cueshave high complexity
Forexamplemoresophisticatedscam attempts 

High volumes
At a certain volume threshold it is notfeasible to manually moderate everything

Cost-efficiency is key
With atightbudget,automationmight bethe only option. 

Consistency is important
Automation will take the same decision every time based on therules provided. Thiscan beboth a strength and aweakness.

Need to identify new content trends
For instance when new scams emerge it can be necessary to manually moderate until identification cueshavebeen determined

Sudden content spikes
It is faster to up the automation levels than to hire more staff


Finding the Perfect Mix 

The best setup is usually a strategic mix of automation and manual moderation, and with Implio you have the opportunity to play around with the two until you have found a good balance.  

You can use the analytics feature of Implio to continuously tweak your moderation setup for continous improvement of delivery.  

We are also available for further advice if you need expert advice on how to make it work best for your specific needs. 

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