How do I handle item revisions in Implio?


End users often make changes to the content they originally posted on your site or your app. Every update may be sent to Implio for moderation.

However, it is important to have a strategy to avoid conflicts and ensure that decisions received from Implio are applied to the relevant revision of the content. Indeed, there can be cases when an end user updates his content while a moderator is making changes to a previous revision in Implio.

This article will help you control what decisions to take into account on your side and ultimately what should be published or not.

Keeping track of revisions with taskId

Using id and taskId together will help you identify unique items and their multiple revisions. For every item update that you send to Implio, you can store the corresponding taskId that you received in the response.

Once you receive a moderation decision, you can look up the taskId provided in the payload to identify the corresponding item revision.

You could then choose to disregard a moderation decision if the taskId doesn't correspond to the latest item revision.

Read more about the different types of ids you can track in the Implio API

Keeping track of revisions with customerSpecific ids

Beyond the standard properties that Implio accepts through its API, you can also provide additional data which you may have through customerSpecific properties. This information will also be returned to you when you get the moderation decisions back from Implio.

That way you may use an id that you already have in your system to identify the revision of an item. You can use this id in the response payload to identify which revision of the item a moderation decision affects.

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