What IP addresses do I need to whitelist?

Implio needs to query your site in the following cases:

  • to retrieve the images referenced in the ads you send for moderation, in order to process them and subsequently serve them to the Implio user interface,
  • to deliver moderation results to you using a webhook, should you have registered one.

To avoid any potential problem, you should ensure that the following IP addresses are not subject to being blocked, throttled or restricted in any way by your servers and firewalls.

Also, if you use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Cloudflare or Akamai, make sure you whitelist those IP addresses.

Outbound Implio IP addresses

Securing your webhook server

If you have are running a server that handles webhook requests, we recommend for security reasons that you whitelist the above-listed IP addresses and deny everything else.

Even though Implio webhook requests can be authenticated by verifying the X-Api-Key header, filtering inbound IP addresses will serve as another layer of security.

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